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2012年 メッセージ

今年も皆さんにとって幸多き年になりますように、心からお祈りいたします。 Vital Development Japan

Patricia Martello から新年のメッセージです。






日本語訳:船坂 孝江

To my dear colleges, teachers, students of Vital Development:
I am very glad to start a new cycle and to continue expanding the new up dates of the school of life and love with the new training programme with new excercices and ceremonies that help thousands people in the world.
Last year I have traveled to 10 countries in the world, working with all my heart awakening passion and joy to many human lives.
People enter into the training full of hope and enthusiasm for making a happier transformation with the new rebirthing of the soul, delivering a new movement for our expanssion of conciousness in a physical presence.
We feel the urge to move into new directions and to dance all the human possibilities conteined in our potential. We put all our attention, intention and love to find the integration and a new order to move on together.
I feel we are all changing and carring the energy of Vital transformation in our world and life time.
Past, present and future have to be reviuw with new healthy paradigms and powerful healing in order to evolve and growth towards love and peace.
Love and peace has being missed understood, but now a day it is the only way to move in order to restore spiritual and mystical natural balance in our body , mind spirit.
Like sunflowers we turn around the light of love and we create in freedom from our hearts pathways of miracles on earth, uniting heaven in each thought, action and moves.
We are learning and going in depth to the most ancient human code, the movement that put love to our life.
We encourage to be present in each moment from our cosmic, natural essence and we create with this ancient human language dances that enalble us to live the dream of our human cosmic family, to be free, to feel full of joy, to create, to deliver our message though our ancestors and the one coming after us, where a woman can live her intense power of her femail pleasure and the man his amazing male essence, and finally to create a source where all melt into the eternal dream of happyness and celebration of dancing all aound the world with solidarity enjoying the pure pleasure to be alive in love with life.
We had being waiting very long time for this masive shift of this year 2012, let's make it together into the dance of our heaven reality, let's be multipliers of the vital dance of joy and rejoyce of the most spiritual beings in a total powerful physical presence of light !
Patricia Martello.

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